About the company

MargoBlues - is one of the known firms making bathing and beach suits.

Thanks to wide assortment of models MargoBlues satisfies requirements of clients of various age. At creation of collection MargoBlues pays steadfast attention to each production phase, from the sketch on a paper, selection of fabrics and accessories, testings of landing and quality of a product to an end-product.

 Bathing suits MargoBlues are executed in the diversified color scales: small drawings or bright flowers, a fabric in a strip or peas, geometrical and water color coloring, in a section and simply monophonic. Collections of bathing suits represent wide assortment of a youth and classical bathing suit: in style of a retro – with wide shoulder straps, bodice Push-up, a top transformer, a bodice on bones, conjoint bathing suits, bikini, different swimming trunks - high, classical, a wide side or narrow, quality of furnish are used laces, folds and on accessories minimum - pastes, etc. the Collection 2 times a year change. The lineup of bathing suits totals more than 200 models. A range of the sizes also a bycicle: from 36th to 56th - corresponds to the European sizes. Stylish and original bathing suits, concern an average price category. Long-term experience is embodied in these bathing suits which main task to underline advantages, hiding lacks. Bathing suits MargoBlues personify feminity, the present, character and faultless taste.

For today MargoBlues - is a demanded brand which is capable to justify expectations of the most whimsical clients. Thanks to high quality and good "landing" of the products, brand MargoBlues has won buyers from the different countries.

The lineup is very various, each woman will pick up the model approaching it. The collection is characterized by the big assortment of models on a various figure as on standard, and non-standard. But firm MargoBlues creates not only good bathing suits, and and the big assortment of beach accessories: beach capes and suits, туники, skirts, topics – all it will add the beach dress of women of fashion. All collection displays in itself world fashion trends, actual in a new season. MargoBlues – allows to pick up a bathing suit precisely for a figure taking into account individual wishes of each woman.

The bathing suit from MargoBlues is a bathing suit of which it is possible to dream only!